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The short answer is that it's fun.


The long answer is that work and how we choose to do it sets a foundation for our lives that brings us joy or frustration.


Studies show that less that 20% of adults actually love what they do. That means that 80% are just going through the motions “working for the weekend”. That is sad given the communication, collaboration and learning tools at our disposal.  


I want to flip that statistic upside down so that 80% of people love what they do.   High school Sophomores are beginning the decision-making journey about their future.  It is the perfect time to introduce innovative and inspiring ways to think about the path ahead.


As an entrepreneur, author, speaker, leader and woman with big dreams of my own, I find time and again that the primary barrier to our success is self-imposed limitation.  Habits that do not support our growth. Beliefs that keep us playing small.  Opposing views that give rise to a cloudy vision of our future. 


Hearing the success stories and lessons learned from people I admire is the easiest way for me  to get the positive mojo flowing.  It is from their stories that I realize that no one has it all figured out.   Everyone has questions and doubts.  It’s how we navigate the speedbumps along the way that determines the outcome.  My grandmother used to tell me “Kid, we all pull our britches up one leg at a time. You have two legs so get your pants on and get moving.”


I have enjoyed a passionate and prosperous career rooted in purposeful projects. 


My company was voted one of the Top 200 Salons in America for 10 years and recognized as one of the Top 50 Woman Owned businesses in Seattle.


I am thrilled to produce PURSUIT CONNECTS in regions around the world, each with their own unique story, and watch the magic unfold.

Live Like You Matter, 

Cyndi DeSoto

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